RAMON PERALTA, JR. Featured Speaker
Creating Your Brand - What Makes You Different


President Virgilio introduced our speaker, Ramon Peralta, the founder and Creative Director of Peralta Design, located in Shelton. Mr. Peralta has over 20 years of experience in the development corporate identities and marketing design. Ramon and his family live in Shelton.

As part of the creative team responsible for the launch of Priceline and its brands, Ramon learned early on how effective the creation of a corporate identity can be. The focus, when creating a brand, he says, is to first determine, "what makes you different". Priceline created in him a passion for starting new companies. After it moved to Norwalk, he spent 10 years working at a business which started companies.

The advent of the financial crisis in 2008 ended that venture, and taking into consideration the difficulty of "catching lightening in a bottle two times", he started his own company. After not that many years, Peralta Design has its offices in downtown Shelton, with six employees. Ramon decided not to outsource the work and considers the company's in-house experience in the creative process to be a distinguishing characteristic of his brand (most companies outsource). He describes the differentiating concept of a successful brand as being indicated by, "what people say about you when you're not in the room". You need a compelling reason why cusomers should come to you.

Priceline's brand used to be "name your own price". Ramon asked whether anyone remembered Trump's slogan, and most did, but we couldn't remember Hillary Clinton's slogan, indicating that it needs some work! He reminded us that nobody has to read anything to associate the golden arches with McDonalds.

Peralta Design's services include website design, development, print design, interactive media, video and animation. The company's clients include many large corporations such as NBC, Disney and Sikorsky, and he has created educational websites and branding aimed at children for the Chicago Cubs (major league baseball branding) and for Warren Buffett (to teach financial literacy to kids).

Locally, Ramon has worked with many non-profits, he just launched the Barnum Gestival website {In collaboration with Bob Abate Marketing}, and is in the process of setting up a website for The Workplace. "Everybody needs good branding", non-profits along with other businesses!

Thanks to President Virgilio for persuading his friend, Ramon, to speak to us about Peralta Design. And thank you to Ramon for such a great presentation.

Peralta Design Reveals the New Logo for The Future Problem Solvers of Flagler County at Entrepreneur Night!

fps worst logo winner

Palm Coast, Florida (November 24, 2015)— Once the winner of "The Worst Logo,"contest was selected on November 3rd, it was finally time to do what we do best…DESIGN! We knew right off the bat that we wanted to incorporate key elements of the original logo in our new design to insure that we didn’t loose the organization's already established audience. So, we kept our favorite element…the Flamingo of course! We decided to use the body of a Flamingo to create the “S” in “FPS,” in the majority of our concepts. While this idea would be a new spin on the logo that would immediately grab the viewer’s attention, it also would be a tribute to the original design.

So, after a few rounds of concepts and an amazing focus group with a few of the Future Problem Solver’s of Flagler County at our Palm Coast offices, we finally decided on their final logo and revealed it this evening at Entrepreneur Night! The new logo was well received among multiple professionals in the area and was talked highly about for the majority of evening. I guess it is safe to say that The Future Problem Solvers of Flagler County no longer have the worst logo!

Peralta Design Announces Winner of the Palm CoastWorst Logo Contest

fps worst logo winner

Palm Coast, Florida (November 3, 2015)— After careful deliberation, the team at Peralta Design is excited to announce that the winner of the Worst Logo Contest is none other than FPS - Future Problem Solving Program of Flagler County.

FPS' logo was chosen because it presents an opportunity for Peralta Design to help a great organization better represent itself through its identity and brand. Although a very difficult decision to make given the sheer volume of 'bad' logos that were submitted over the course of the last month, we decided to offer our creative services to an organization doing so much for our youth and our future on the local level.

We look forward to working closely with the good folks at FPS effective immediately so that we can be prepared to unveil the new, updated logo at the upcoming Entrepreneur Night on November 24th, 2015.

We thank every business who participated in our contest, and we will be reaching out to each and every one of you with an exclusive offer to help improve your existing brand identity and web presence. We are very excited to be able to participate in the thriving business community that is being cultivated in Flagler County and look forward to making an impact with our presence as well as our works.

A little about FPS

Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI), was founded in 1974 by creativity pioneer, Dr. E. Paul Torrance. Future Problem Solving stimulates critical and creative thinking skills and encourages students to develop a vision for the future. The FPS Program features competitive as well as non-competitive activities in creative problem solving. Future Problem Solving Program International involves over 250,000 students annually from over 40 affiliates in the United States and 12 other countries.

Participants develop skills of teamwork, communication, research, critical and creative thinking, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. They learn to apply these skills to situations that are futuristic, but oriented to real life. The competitive aspects of FPS are fun but the benefits of learning a process that can be used for the rest of their lives. This is the reason that teachers, parents and students fall in love with the program and continue to stay involved with it for many years.

Peralta Design Launches Worst Logo Contest at Palm Coast Grand Opening

worst logo contest

Palm Coast, Florida (September 24, 2015)— Your business is something you take pride in. You work hard to provide a top-notch service for your customers, you spend an incredible amount of time and effort to ensure that you're producing the best quality product, and it all goes to show just how dedicated and passionate you are about your business.

You care about your business, and your clients, and it would be nice if they could understand just how devoted you were by looking at some sort of unique sign — a symbol of sorts.

Well, believe it or not, they can! How? By looking at your logo, of course!

Go ahead and ask yourself this question, "Does my logo truly show who I am as a company?" Is your logo as fast paced and modern, cute and subtle, or safe and dependable as your business is?

No? Great!

You have a chance to win a redesigned logo by Peralta Design! If you win their "Worst Logo Contest" your logo will be taken to some of the best designers this country has to offer to capture the essence of your Flagler County business into one solitary image.

Submissions for this contest will be accepted until October 17. The judges will deliberate from October 17-24 and announce the winner on November 2nd.
Fill out my online form.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Images must be uploaded and submitted no later than October 17, 2015 11:59pm EST.
  2. Image must not exceed 2MB.
  3. No questionable material is allowed to be submitted. No profanity, provocative, obscene, or vulgar objects/gestures/references. Submissions deemed inappropriate will not be considered as a finalist.
  4. By submitting to the contest, you have given us the right to use all of the information you have provided above, and you've relinquished full control over the image you have submitted.
  5. We are not responsible for technical difficulties, and we assume no responsibility or liability for any damages, injuries, claims, causes of actions, or losses of any kind arising in whole or in part from this photo submission initiative.
  6. All decisions based on matters relating to the Terms and Conditions and/or the winner of the competition are FINAL, no negotiation.
  7. By submitting to the contest, you have agreed to all terms and conditions of this competition.
  8. Final logo design will be presented in black & white only. Final redesigned logo will be selected and deemed final by Peralta Design. Should the contestant not be completely satisfied with the new logo design, they may commission Peralta Design for further work for a fee until contestant is satisfied.
  9. The logo redesign does not include stationery or corporate identity redesign. Corporate Identity redesign package may be agreed upon after the contest for an additional fee.
  10. Upon completion of the redesigned logo, should it meet the contestant’s satisfaction, may become the property of the contestant and all right’s to it shall become property of the contestant.
  11. Logos must be submitted in black & white only. No color.
  12. Logos submitted cannot contain copyrighted material. Logos must have been used for business by the contestant.
  13. Additional work requested by the contestant such as color, modifications or any other further creative direction or alterations to the redesigned logo may be requested by the contestants for an additional fee to be negotiated later.
  14. Peralta Design and Office Divvy reserve the right to conclude the contest at any time and for any reason.
  15. By agreeing to these terms, contestant allows Peralta Design and Office Divvy to use the original ‘worst logo’ and its new redesigned incarnation in promotions and marketing.
  16. Logo redesign process may take 6–8 weeks to complete.
  17. Final redesigned logo will be delivered to the winning contestant as a black & white vector EPS file and as a PNG and JPG file.
  18. Contestant must be a registered Flagler County Business Enterprise.


Tamara N. Simpson


100 Pearl Street, Hartford CT

NEW HAVEN (MAY 6, 2015) Shelton-based company, Peralta Design, is proud to announce its expansion into the Hartford area. Known as one of Connecticut's leading providers of creative web design and development, cross-platform application solutions, corporate identity and branding strategies, this unique company couldn't be more eager to make their mark up north.

Hartford's newest corporate neighbor will have offices on the 14th floor of the building located on 100 Pearl Street, just in time to be greeted by the influx of business professionals coming into the capital for the CT Business Expo on June 4th.

Says CEO and Founder Ramon Peralta, Jr. “As a full service digital creative agency, we have uniquely positioned ourselves in the startup space, whereby we can help boost local economies by assisting emerging and existing businesses to better distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Our proprietary and unique approach to branding, web development and corporate identity solutions allows us to help the local business community thrive in a crowded space by helping them establish or improve a consistent brand image with what we call strategic design solutions.”

Peralta expresses, “We have the expertise and resources to work with companies of any size, but we specialize in small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. We fully understand the intricacies of these types of businesses. This insight gives us more opportunities for true creativity and out of the box thinking which allows our ideas to become creative solutions in the marketplace”

With this expansion into Hartford, Peralta Design will be better able to serve clients outside of their Downtown Shelton-based headquarters at 431 Howe Avenue. Peralta states “We've experienced an increase in the number of clients we are serving in the Greater Hartford area, so we thought it made sense to establish this 2nd location at 100 Pearl Street. We are fortunate that we are able to capitalize on our existing strategic partnerships throughout the state to deliver more of the award-winning web design, corporate identity and branding services that we have become known for to a broader spectrum of clientele”

100 Pearl Street: Downtown Hartford's Premier Corporate Address

Built in 1989, 100 Pearl Street is a 17-story Class A office tower located in the heart of Hartford's Central Business District. With its unique deep-blue glass façade and quality marble and granite finishes, the property stands out among its peers. It is the premier business address for many of Hartford's most prestigious firms.

100 Pearl Street features first class services & amenities including an art gallery available for tenant functions, a 4-story glass atrium lobby, on-site underground parking garage, common area conference room, fitness center, cafe and 24-hour security. The building's central location allows for immediate access to the region's interstate highway system and puts it within walking distance of restaurants, parks, the Connecticut riverfront, entertainment, major hotels, and all that Hartford has to offer. Current corporate tenants include Robert Half International, Updike Kelly & Spellacy, Guilford Specialty Group, Pension Real Estate Advisors, Regnier, Taylor, Curran & Eddy, Virtus Investment Partners, Regus, Trust Company of Connecticut and Turner Investments.

FOR MORE INFO ON PERALTA DESIGN, contact the Shelton office at

(203) 513-2222 or visit: